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I just wanted to share a fun, quick knee-bounce rhyme. This is taken from Session 3 of my Music Activities for Babies program here at The Bubble Box. If you enjoy this with your baby and would like to have access to many more activities like this one then signing up is just $5/month. It only takes only 1 minute and you’ll be having more fun with bub before you know it.

YouTube video

What to Do

  1. Prop your baby on your knee and gently bounce her up and down as you say the rhyme. Note! For babies under 6 months please hold her against you so that her head is supported and bounce gently.


To market, to market, to by a fat pig, home again, home again jiggety jig.

To market, to market
to buy a fat hog,
home again, home again,
jiggety jog

To market, to market, to buy a plum bun, home again, home again marketing’s done.

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Sarah Richard-Preston

I'm Sarah Richard-Preston, creator and presenter of The Bubble Box - a program of music activities for you to share with your baby. I demonstrate the activities through streaming videos, right here on The Bubble Box website. I'm a qualified teacher with 13 years experience in early childhood education and I am passionate about music and the developmental benefits music promotes. Join me online in my 8 session music program today to give your baby's development a boost and make the most of precious baby time.


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