Swing Baby To Sleep – Lullabies Music Album


Soothe and calm your baby with this beautiful album of lullabies. Featuring unique swing-style rhythms that are perfect for rocking or swinging your little one off to sleep. You’ll find yourself humming and singing along to a lovely collection of traditional lullabies and original songs. With interesting jazz piano/keyboard arrangements and a lilting female vocal – you’ll be happy to include this album in your baby’s bedtime routine, in the car or any other quiet time of the day. Finally, a lullabies album that you’ll love as much as your baby does!

My 15 track album (MP3 download) is only available here on my website! (Unfortunately iTunes and Spotify offer very little compensation for small artists, so I appreciate your support by purchasing it directly.)

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3 reasons why babies need lullabies

  1. Gets them ready for bedtime – by singing and playing lullabies to your baby at bedtime you are helping to establish a routine and are letting your baby know that sleep is coming soon.
  2. Promotes bonding - sing along with the lullabies for a special bonding experience as there is nothing more wonderful to a baby's ears than their mother's singing voice.
  3. Regulates emotions - lullabies are naturally soothing and create a peaceful atmosphere that helps babies to calm down when they are upset or irritable.

Swing Baby to Sleep

Sung by Sarah Richard-Preston

Track listing

  1. The Slumber Boat (Traditional)
  2. I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles (Kellette and Kenbrovin, 1919)
  3. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Traditional)
  4. Fly Fly Butterfly (S.Richard-Preston)
  5. Underneath the Weeping Willow (S.Holliday and S.Richard-Preston)
  6. All Through the Night (Sweet Little Baby)
  7. Swinging (S.Richard-Preston)
  8. Sweet Little Baby (S.Richard.Preston)
  9. Hush Little Baby (Traditional)
  10. Wee Willie Winkie (Traditional)
  11. Rock-A-Bye-Baby (Traditional)
  12. Bye Baby Bunting (Traditional)
  13. Frère Jacques (Traditional)
  14. My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean (Traditional)
  15. The Goodbye Song (S.Richard-Preston)

Once purchased you will receive a link to immediately download the album which you can add to any of your personal devices/music libraries. There is no DRM or limit to your personal use of the album. The audio files are 320mbps MP3 which is the industry standard and are compatible with all devices.

Testimonials - Parents and bubs are loving The Bubble Box...

"Bubble Box time is very bonding. We always do two sessions from 9am & he looooves it. He loves when he sees the other kids dancing too, so I think that's really exciting for the bubs! He's also learnt in..."

Katy -

Mum of 11-month-old boy

"My daughter and I have loved The Bubble Box experience - we've sung along, danced and played instruments with great enthusiasm!  It's beautiful to watch my child blossom through exposure to music"

Casey -

Mum of 1-year-old girl

"Our 9 month old loves The Bubble Box and claps her hands as soon as she hears the "Welcome Song" starting. The songs are catchy and interactive and we've used them already on rainy days when stuck inside..."

Jacqui -

Mum of 9-month-old girl

"Sarah is utterly captivating to babies, and I've learned lots of great interactive songs to sing with my daughter which we both love. The Bubble Box is wonderful for developing lovely skills to bond with your baby!"

Kate -

Mum of 5-month-old girl


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