How to Instil a Love of Music in Your Child

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Making music is for everyone

Do you like to sing along at the top of your lungs in the shower? Perhaps you dance around your kitchen to music when you are making dinner. You might tap your foot along to music during a performance. There is no doubt that music brings humans joy and plays a role in our wellbeing.

While the enjoyment of listening to music is culturally universal, the ways in which we engage with music-making varies. In many cultures, music-making is a part of daily life. Africans use music for social purposes such as conveying news, teaching and telling a story. Westerners, however, are more likely to make music in solitary situations or leave music-making to the experts.

As such, parents who don’t feel confident singing or playing music tend to shy away from making music with their children in daily life. But this is a shame because you don’t need to be an amazing singer or accomplished musician to actively participate in music. It is not about what it sounds like, but about how it feels and the connection you create when you share music-making experiences with your child.

Benefits of making music

When a parent and child do music activities together, this not only strengthens their relationship but can also instil a love of music in a child for life. Singing to a child when they are sad or upset soothes and relaxes them. Making music provides an avenue for a child to express their emotions. Dancing and singing to music helps children’s development of body awareness, thinking, language learning and listening.

By encouraging your child musically in early childhood, they are more likely to want to play an instrument later on. Many studies show that playing an instrument develops intelligences in other areas. A German study found that young children who took musical instrument lessons outscored their peers on verbal memory tests. This research confirms other studies in Hong Kong and Canada, which also concluded that children’s verbal memory improves when they train on a musical instrument.

Incorporate music in daily life

You do not need to be a brilliant musician to help your child develop an appreciation for music. All that is required is to incorporate music and musical play into your child’s every day life.

If you’re looking for tips and some help to get involved in the musical development of your child, take a look at my music program for babies and toddlers.

Here are some simple examples that with a little effort, all parents should be able to manage.

  • Sing a good morning song to your child when they first wake up.
  • Play a CD of classical music and dance around together with scarves.
  • Have a jam session with some pots and pans.
  • Say a few nursery rhymes in the car.
  • Sing the same special lullaby to them every night before they go to sleep.

How well you do these things is not important. What is important is that you demonstrate singing and movement for your child. If music doesn’t come naturally to you just let go of your own inhibitions and you’re more than likely to have some fun, whilst providing your child with a lifetime of benefits. Enjoy the learning experience together!

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Sarah Richard-Preston

I'm Sarah Richard-Preston, creator and presenter of The Bubble Box - a program of music activities for you to share with your baby. I demonstrate the activities through streaming videos, right here on The Bubble Box website. I'm a qualified teacher with 13 years experience in early childhood education and I am passionate about music and the developmental benefits music promotes. Join me online in my 8 session music program today to give your baby's development a boost and make the most of precious baby time.


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