Bubble Wrap Dancing and Printing – Music and Art Activities for Toddlers

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Although I have dedicated my site and program to babies music activities, I will also be posting blogs with music, visual art and play activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers from time to time. If your bub doesn’t have an older sibling you might like to share these ideas with friends and relatives.

Integrating arts experiences can make learning all the more fun (and rich) for young children. I’ve tried and tested many of the activities with my girls and will include discussion points to extend your child’s learning. Today’s activities are all about exploring the ever-popular material Bubble Wrap!

Music Activity – Bubble Wrap Dancing


18 months  – 3 years


  • Bubble Wrap packing material

What To Do

  1. Place a piece of bubble wrap in the centre of the room.
  2. Play the song  I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles  By Jaan Kenbrovin and John Kelette
  3. Dance around the room with your child to the music.
  4. When the music stops* jump up and down on the bubble wrap with your child to make popping noises. (*The music has been edited to include pauses.)
  5. Have a discussion with your child using the points below.

Discussion Points

  • What happens when we jump on the bubble wrap?
  • What sounds do we make?
  • Did you like the music?
  • What did you hear in the music?

Learning Opportunities

  • Listening skills
  • Gross motor

Art Activity – Bubble Wrap Printing

Fun bubble wrap art activity for toddlers


18 months – 5 years (Preschoolers will enjoy making their own prints, which you can use as wrapping paper for gifts!)


20 minutes


  • Art smock/ old t-shirt
  • Newspaper/plastic
  • Bubble wrap packing material
  • Tape
  • Tempera powder paint (variety of colours)
  • Paint pots
  • Paper
  • Paintbrushes (the thick ones are better for toddlers to grip)


  1. Tape the bubble wrap to the table or surface your child will be painting on.
  2. Spread out some newspaper/plastic underneath the table to catch any drips.
  3. Mix up the tempera paint with water in pots.
  4. Place the paintbrushes next to the paint.

What To Do

  1. Put on your child’s art smock/ old t-shirt.
  2. Let your child have fun painting the bubble wrap.
  3. Encourage him/her to cover the whole surface area.
  4. Once the bubble wrap is sufficiently covered in paint help your toddler press a piece of paper on it/ give your preschooler some paper to do it herself and see what wonderful prints are created.
  5. Hang the prints up to dry.

Discussion Points

  • Colours of paint – What colour is this? What happens when you mix these colours together?
  • Textures of bubble wrap – What does the bubble wrap feel like?
  • Sounds – What noise does the bubble wrap make when you press it?

Learning Opportunities

  • Fine motor skills: Manipulating a paintbrush
  • Sensory awareness:  Feeling various textures, squishy, bubbly and hearing the popping noise.
  • Creativity: Experimenting with materials
  • Cause and effect: Printmaking

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