Happy Parents are Talking About The Bubble Box…


“My daughter and I have loved The Bubble Box experience – we’ve sung along, danced and played instruments with great enthusiasm! It’s beautiful to watch my child blossom through exposure to music.”

Mum of 1-year-old girl


“I am so excited to recommend this program to the families that I work with. I understand that many families simply can’t commit to attending regular music sessions, but this program is so engaging and accessible – I am excited by the opportunities for language development that it offers.”

Kathryn Marrington
National Manager of Speech Pathology at Goodstart Early Learning


“Bubble Box time is very bonding. We always do two sessions from 9am & he loooves it. He loves when he sees the other kids dancing too, so I think that’s really exciting for the bubs! He’s also learnt in just a few days how to use the stick with the glockenspiel. It’s a great activity before feed & naptime.”

Mum of 11-month-old boy


“The Bubble Box is a one stop shop for interacting with your child through music. The lyrics to the songs are provided so you can sing a long and really participate with the videos. My daughter really enjoyed the songs, the instruments and the videos of other babies. Overall a great tool for engaging your little one and having fun!”

Mum of 14-month-old girl


“Sarah is utterly captivating to babies, and I’ve learned lots of great interactive songs to sing with my daughter which we both love. The Bubble Box is wonderful for developing lovely skills to bond with your baby!”

Mum of 5-month-old girl


“Our 9-month-old loves The Bubble Box Music program and claps her hands as soon as she hears the “Welcome Song” starting. The songs are catchy and interactive and we’ve used them already on rainy days when stuck inside. Grandad is also learning the songs on guitar so that we can play along at home. I definitely recommend the online music program as a fun and easy way to engage with your little one. They are easy to follow and you won’t mind the songs getting stuck in your head.”

Mum of 9-month-old girl


Fantastic idea, really good activities, well explained. Sarah is a natural. Thanks!


Join my 8 session online program of 100+ music activities for you and bub.

If a face-to-face music class isn't practical for you or your baby/toddler, consider my online program! I'll teach you how to do music with your little one in the comfort of your own home. I sing and demonstrate the actions - you’ll soon be singing along, sharing smiles and giggles and feeling great for playing an active role in your baby’s development.

30 minutes a week = a lifetime of developmental benefits.

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