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But I can’t sing, can I still join?

YES! The main idea behind these music activities is for you to spend time  and interact with your baby. Your level of musical ability is not important. And if you’re really concerned that you “can’t sing” consider these two points. 1. Your baby doesn’t know or care if you can sing well or not.  2. Everyone can sing, some better than others, that’s all.

Can I do The Bubble Box with my baby under 6 months?

If you’d like to do with music with your baby younger than 6 months, that’s great! Baby is never too young to enjoy music. However, make sure you modify the actions in any activities involving movement, taking into account baby’s level of head control and overall physical strength. If you baby does not have good head and neck control, you can still say the rhyme while lying baby against you and moving gently. You can always come back to these activities later when baby has better head control.

Do I need any instruments/other resources to do the activities?

It would be helpful to have some basic percussion instruments for the Play Our Instruments activities in each session of The Bubble Box program.

The Musical Play activities also use props. These are generally items you may find around the house, have on hand or can easily purchase inexpensively from a supermarket or cheap shop.


You might already have some of these instruments at home OR you can make the instruments yourself from household items. Read my blog about home made instruments for more information.

Here’s the list of recommended instruments:

  1. A Glockenspiel/Xylophone (you could use an app on a phone or tablet for this).
  2. Egg Maracas (preferably two sets – one for you and one for baby)
  3. A drum/tambourine
  4. Rhythm sticks


You will find a list of recommended props for each session on the session home page. Props include simple items like scarves, bubbles and feathers.


What is in a "session"?

Sessions are structured around four main categories of activities:

1. Sing, say, do 

2. Listen and Move

3. Play our instruments

4. Musical play

There are 14 activities per session. Sessions also include a standard welcome and goodbye song to promote familiarity through repetition.

Joining Up

I don't have a PayPal account, how can I pay?

You don’t need a PayPal account to pay via PayPal. Simply proceed through the checkout and when you are directed to the PayPal website, you will have the option to pay via credit card without a PayPal account. (No PayPal signup or login is required.) It’s simple and secure. Of course, you can login and pay with PayPal if you prefer.

Is the website and PayPal secure for payments?

Yes. Paypal is the industry leader for online payments and provides secure payment processing. We actually don’t handle any of your credit card details on The Bubble Box website. This is all done exclusively through the PayPal website.

The Bubble Box website is secured by SSL, indicated by the padlock in your browser, so that any personal information you enter is safe and secure.

My Account & Billing

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes of course. Just login to your My Account page and go the the Subscriptions tab to cancel. You can do this at anytime, and you won’t be charged again once you’ve cancelled.

Can I get a refund?

We don’t offer refunds if you decide you no longer want access to the program. You can however cancel at anytime and you will not be charged again once you’ve cancelled.

Join my 8 session online program of 100+ music activities for you and bub.

If a face-to-face music class isn't practical for you or your baby/toddler, consider my online program! I'll teach you how to do music with your little one in the comfort of your own home. I sing and demonstrate the actions - you’ll soon be singing along, sharing smiles and giggles and feeling great for playing an active role in your baby’s development.

30 minutes a week = a lifetime of developmental benefits.

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